IBM’s Watson

I watched a few videos of IBM’s Watson playing Jeopardy, and what I am sure about is that although it might have a world of data and some limited knowledge of language,  it definitely doesn’t “understand” natural language and is not truly intelligent.

Online Sharing

#statingTheObvious I’ve been observing a trend lately, and the geek in me is not very fond of it. A lot of people who share links online, are doing it wrong. We have a (natural) tendency to just click and paste the link we want to share into the box which says “Share”. What some of […]

Best articles read this week

A neat article on product marketing, design and consumer behavior. Come for the X, Stay for the Y Braden Kowitz – Nov 07, 2011 I recently caught up with Kevin Fox, who was the first designer on Gmail. We remembered that when Gmail firs… Designstaff A designers views on the future of how we are […]

Rethinking the purpose of the blog

It’s been a long long time since I posted anyting on the blog. I have made minor tweaks, such as changing the theme and adding a page which contains my shared Google Calendar[1]; but I’ve not shared anything interesting that I stumbled upon in the past one and a half year. This does not mean […]

A second take at blogging

I have been feeling a very strong urge to write something (anything) since the last few days. So this will just be random blabber. It’s been too long since I last wrote an entry (the only one 😉 ). Now my friends suggest that I should not "kill" this blog. So I promise I will […]

Arrow’s Theorem

The time seems apt for me to write my first “proper” blog-post. Two days back I happened to stumble-upon (using the excellent firefox add-on) a very interesting theorem in socio-economic theory, called Arrow’s theorem. I read it, clicked “I Like It!” and closed it. That was not enough to make me write a blog post […]